Let's Improv Classical Youth Class & Ensemble In Boston Audition NOW!

Offered by New England Conservatory Preparatory School. Open to 8~18 years old intermediate to advanced levels of classical instrument players. Ensemble will continue for 1~2 years. 

Consider this class & Ensemble especially if your kid:

  • sometimes finds their classical instrument study routine a bit monotonous and is seeking a spark of excitement; or
  • is curious about delving into the world of music composition, or is already on their journey as a budding composer; or
  • hasn't yet explored the realm of improvisation and feels they've reached a standstill in their instrument proficiency.

Do you know that all the great composers we know, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven... they all used to make music on the spot, a.k.a improvise? 

If you haven't tried improvisation, you are missing out on an important part of music learning.

Now is the chance for your child to be among the chosen "select few" in a revolutionary Classical Ensemble that will perform and improvise, just like what Bach, Mozart, Beethoven did back in the day, plus, with theatrical elements of acting, comedy, flash mob, performing to audience given notes, and most important, FUN!!!

Benefits of Improvisation:
  • Improvisation helps you develop a deeper understanding of music. Improvisation is an essential part of musical life for the classical composers. Only after you experience what all the great composers used to do every day, you understand the essence of music. 
  • Improvisation brings out the musical creativity in the students and opens up possibility for picking up composition. As they improvise, students learn to develop a deeper intuitive understanding of musical structures and forms. This acts as a fertile ground for compositional ideas, where themes and motifs can be spontaneously created, experimented with, and refined. 
  • Improvisation helps young musicians with personal artistic development. Improvisation encourages a deeper understanding of music theory and a more intimate relationship with one's instrument. Musicians who improvise regularly often demonstrate a high level of musicianship and a unique artistic voice, setting them apart in the classical music world.
  • Improvisation brings back the joy of music for classical kids. Joy and passion are the greatest motivators for students to learn and continue to learn music. Students with joy and passion go farther in their musical explorations.

In the very beginning I think one hour (of practice) would be good. You put around 20 minutes to the basic training, 20 minutes to play some small pieces, and then another 20 minutes try to improvise something on the piano.

 - Lang Lang

What your child will achieve through the Let's Improv Classical class & Ensemble:

Let's Improv Classical

First-of-its-kind improvisation class for young classical musicians. Bring back the lost art of "PLAY" to playing an instrument.

Instructor: Sarah Infini Takagi

Offered by: New England Conservatory Preparatory School

(scroll down for class & show schedule)

Learning to improvise in solo and ensemble format, both in free style and in different composer styles.
Learning foundational concepts of Music Theory and Implementing them in the craft of making music.
Developing a robust musical social circle through ensemble experiences.
Starring in a one-of-a-kind, multidimensional show presented at an end-of-semester performance, showcasing their unique talent and creative growth.

About the Instructor

The Let's Improv Classical Class & Ensemble will be taught and coached by Improviser, Composer, multi-genre cross-over artist Sarah Infini Takagi. Described by New York Times as "Unique and Liberating," Sarah is an award-winning classical concert pianist, jazz vocalist, actress, and comedian who has appeared on film, PBS Television, Radio, Carnegie Hall and Kennedy center, and has performed internationally.

Sarah infini Takagi

Class & Show Schedule

Class Dates:

Class Meeting Times:

Show Date & Time:

Show Location:

Saturdays Jan 20th, 2024 ~ May 11th, 2024

Session A (ages 13-18): Saturdays 1:30-3:00 pm

Session B (ages 8-12): Saturdays 3:30-5:00 pm

Saturday May 11th, 2024 6:00-9:00pm

Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre at NEC

Class Dates: Saturdays Jan 20th, 2024 ~ May 11th, 2024

Class Meeting Times: 
Session A (ages 13-18): Saturdays 1:30-3:00 pm
Session B (ages 8-12): Saturdays 3:30-5:00 pm

Show Date & Time: Saturday May 11th, 2024 6:00-9:00pm

Show Location: Plimpton Shattuck Black Box Theatre at NEC

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